PEX tubing is an economical and durable alternative to traditional piping systems such as copper or PVC. Many homeowners are choosing PEX piping over other options because of the numerous advantages it offers. North County Plumbing specialize in providing PEX solutions.

Advantages of PEX Tubing:

  • Resists the scale build-up common with copper pipe, and does not pit or corrode when exposed to acidic water.
  • Is much more resistant to freeze-breakage than copper or rigid plastic pipe.
  • Does not transfer heat as readily as copper, and so conserves energy.
  • Water flows more quietly through, and the characteristic “water hammer” noise of copper pipe systems is virtually eliminated.
  • Installations cost less because the tubing is less expensive than copper pipe, less time is spent running pipe and installing fittings than with rigid pipe systems & installing fewer fittings reduces the chances for expensive callbacks.


A quick google search will provide you with many articles on how to install pex tubing yourself. However, unless you are a trained plumbing professional we do not recommend you take this route. PEX tubing should be installed correctly to ensure its overall longevity, so future plumbing problems do not occur. Our technicians have experience installing this type of tubing and have repiped numerous homes throughout San Luis Obispo County.

Pex Tubing Specialist

SLO County Plumbing is highly skilled in all aspects of repiping. We use high quality materials to ensure you receive the most durable product for your repiping project. Give us a call today to discuss whether pex tubing is the right choice for your repiping needs.

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