Sewer line issues are common in many homes especially older ones with outdated plumbing. Sometimes the issue is small like a clog, while other times it can be a more extensive issue like a broken or collapsed line. Whatever the issue maybe, North County Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Inc has the experience and knowledge necessary to handle all types of sewer repair.

Common Sewer Line Issues

  • Drain Blockage: A drain blockage is the most common type of sewer line issue. If your toilet, sink, or tub is backed up you most likely have a drain blockage. Blockages are most commonly caused by improper disposal of items down the drain such as baby wipes, grease, objects, etc.
  • Cracked/Collapsed Line: Cracked lines can cause major damage if untreated. If the water pressure in your home is low or if you notice an increase in your water bill, chances are you have a crack in your sewer line.
  • Tree Root Intrusion: Tree roots can wreak havoc on your sewer line and can cause a sewer line to become blocked or even collapse. Our technicians provide video inspection technology and are able to detect whether a tree root is the culprit in your sewer line issue.

Signs of a Damaged Sewer Pipe:

  • Sewage backup in toilet or tub
  • Gurgling noise from toilet
  • Bathtub or sink that drains slowly
  • Strong odor
  • Persistent clogs
  • Increase in rodents or insects

Sewer Line Maintenance

Properly maintaining your sewer lines can help decrease the likelihood of a major disaster from occurring in the future. North County Plumbing offers a variety of maintenance services including periodic drain cleaning to regular root removal. We can also install a backwater prevention valve that allows the sewage to go out but not come back in. Our technicians are highly skilled in preventative methods and can educate you on how to properly maintain your sewage line on a daily basis.

Professional Sewer Repair

Our certified plumbers have experience in all types of sewer repair. We specializes in video camera inspections, so that you know the exact condition of your sewer – saving you both time and money. Our technicians have repaired and replaced many sewer lines around the San Luis Obispo County area. We are confident in our ability to completely assess and remedy every situation. If you are in need of a sewer repair or replacement – give us a call today.

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