Irrigation leaks can cause costly water bills. Sprinkler systems in your yard and on your property can be the culprit of large amounts of lost water. If your water bill has suddenly spiked or you hear the sound of running or hissing water but can’t find the source you need to call North County Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Inc. Our expert technicians can locate the source of the leak and start saving you from a costly water bills and wasted water.

We have experience installing and repairing all irrigation systems. Our services include:

  • repairing heads
  • valves
  • leaks
  • controllers
  • troubleshooting wiring problems
  • Adjusting spray patterns of individual sprinkler heads
  • Repair of leaks in underground valves and piping

Detecting an Irrigation Leak

  • Check Water Meter: The flow indicator arrow is located on the top right corner of the meter’s LCD screen, if the arrow isn’t moving there is a good chance you have a leak
  • Check Each Zone: Turn each zone on separately and inspect for broken heads and low flowing sprinklers.
  • Check Valve Box: Once you’ve checked each zone, check each valve box to make sure they are dry inside. If they are not dry, chances are there is a leak in that zone.
  • Walk the area: After running the sprinklers, walk the area to look for extremely wet or soggy areas. This is a good indication there is a leak in the irrigation pipe.
  • Monitor Water Bill: A sudden spike in your water bill is a good indication of a leak.

Irrigation Repair Plumber

At North County Plumbing, we are extremely skilled in irrigation system replacement and repair. We have experience with sprinkler system overhauls as well as installing brand new sprinkler systems. Our highly trained technicians can quickly locate a leak and provide a fast an affordable solution. If you are experiencing problems with your irrigation system in San Luis Obispo County, Give us a call today!

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Incredible service, super professional, and fairly priced. Friday night at 6:00pm, we had a plumbing emergency. I left a voice message for NC Plumbing and within 10 minutes, they called back and were on their way. Austin fixed the issue quickly and was super sweet. We will definitely use them again.

Sunni V.
Paso Robles, CA

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