Water quality is becoming an increasingly important priority in homes across the country. As more people seek better solutions for their health, they are becoming increasingly concerned of the quality of the water in their home. The typical water in your home contains many different contaminants, too many contaminants in your water can be detrimental to your health. Not only does poor water quality affect your health, but it can also cause mineral build up in your pipes, water heaters, shower heads, and other appliances. North County Plumbing has experience in water treatment systems and can provide a top notch solution for you water situation.

Signs you may benefit from a water treatment system

  • Your tap water tastes terrible
  • Showers are leaving your skin feeling itchy, dry, or dirty
  • Experiencing hard water build up faucets and shower heads
  • Dishes always have spots

Water Testing Service

Do you know how many contaminants are in your drinking water? North County Plumbing offers full service water testing on your home’s water system. Our expert technicians will diagnose the quality of your water and provide you with a solution that fits both your budget and needs.

Water Treatment Systems

There are a variety of water treatment systems available. North County Plumbing can help you decide which system is appropriate for your needs. We offer the following water treatment products:

  • Filtration
  • Water softener (salt-free options available)
  • Reverse osmosis purification (R.O. water filter)
  • Drinking systems
  • Water distillers
  • Shower filters
  • Treatment systems for emerging contaminants

Professional Water System Installation

At North County Plumbing we work within your budget to provide you with best water treatment solution for your needs. Whether you are in need of a whole house filtration system or simply a R.O. filter, our technicians are experienced in installing and setting up all types of systems. Contact us for more information about water treatment systems for your home.

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Thank You Paul for coming to my rescue, Immediately!!! My shower water wouldn't shut off and I didn't know what to do. I called Paul at North County Plumbing Drain Cleaning and in less than 2 hours and (after 5 pm) my shower and water were back in service. Thank You Brandon for coming right away and doing a Excellent Superb job!!! When you need help right away, these guys are the ones to call. I'm a very satisfied customer!!

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